Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does One Black Apple Spoil The Whole Bunch?!?

Last week, I was shooting the breeze with a co-worker of mine from The "D", and we mutually agreed that there needs to be some reality show about the screwed up nature of her hometown. Between Kwame "Textual Healing" Kilpatrick, the 0-16 Lions "professional football team", the cluster that is the automotive industry, and the game of musical chairs that seemingly has a new guy appointed mayor every week, this show would easily best The Real Housewives Of Atlanta in the ratings. And hell, Detroit 48201 would be even better because A) it's not scripted, B) less weaves and yaki, and C) The Diabolical Monica Conyers, who makes NeNe Leakes look like Mother Teresa.

For those unaware, of Conyers rap sheet, click here for AB's CliffNotes. I don't have time to rehash all that nonsense, but the long and short of it is, she's out of a job for ethics violations, but couldn't resist mucking up some more on her way out the door. Witness the latest in a long, distinguished history of f*ckery.
Former Councilwoman Monica Conyers was back in the news last week when Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. claimed $21,000 worth of equipment is missing from her office. He has since called the cops and they are investigating, although her lawyer denies Conyers pocketed anything.

Records obtained by the City Hall Insider shine more light on Conyers' final spending before she resigned July 6.

Two laptops were ordered about three weeks before she resigned. The first was an Apple MacBook with a 13 inch LED screen for $1,443 and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac "Special Media Edition" for $494. The bill was paid using a petty cash fund. The second laptop was an HP 6530 Intel with HP Microsoft Office and carrying case for $1,245.

Here are other spending highlights:

* $888.20 for airfare to Washington D.C. April 24 for a "meeting with First Lady Obama". It's not clear if that meeting ever happened.

* $408.20 for airfare to Washington D. C. March 2 for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2009 national conference. In January, Conyers traveled to the Middle East on the group's dime for a seven-day educational trip to learn about the country and its conflicts. But in March, the city would foot the bill for the conference.

* $200 to attend the Employment Law Conference in Dearborn thrown by the law firm, Clark Hill. According to the registration form, Conyers planned to attend several sessions, including "What to do when an employee 'blows the whistle' on you or complains to you" and "How to handle your problem employees." Conyers has been sued by two former employees. One said she was fired after being forced to perform personal errands for Conyers, like delivering dry cleaning. The other said she quit after Conyers threatened to boot her, in part, for signing Conyers' signature to a resolution in a "sloppy" manner. Conyers has denied the accusations.

* $1,150 to print 10,000 directory cards with a variety of City Hall numbers featuring a photo of Conyers behind an American flag and the title "President of Detroit City Council."

* $424 in law books. The City Hall Insider first told you in February that Conyers was creating her own law library at City Hall, spending $959 last summer on a dozen law books through Thompson West. In March she bought more, including the "Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure Deskbook Full Set".

* $440 in spaghetti and wing dings from Cutter's Bar & Grill for outreach meetings at local senior facilities and nursing homes in February and March.
Boy, oh, boy. What can be said about Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan?[1]

The more I watch Negroes like this run elected positions into the ground, the more I wonder just how much this sorta incompetence casts an aspersion over those trying to run for statewide office. Artur Davis (Alabama Governor), Kamala Harris (California Atty General) and Kendrick Meeks (Florida US Senate) face uphill battles in 2012 to ride the Obama coattails to the promised land. Is it at all possible that local clowns like Conyers, Sharpe James, "Dollar" Bill Jefferson, Marion Barry, Bill Campbell, etc. made the job that much harder for these guys? You tell me.

Either way, keep ya' head up, Monica. And don't drop the Lever 2000.

Shirley Chisholm is crying inside.

Question: When black politricians like Conyers screw up, it is generally considered a local, personal, isolated eff' up, or do these smaller incidents essentially ruin it for blacks who (presumably) walk the straight and narrow on their way to bigger things?

From MacBook to wing dings, Conyers' final days of spending [DetroitNews]

[1] Obligatory random Chappelle's Show reference? Check.

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