Monday, August 17, 2009

C.Y.I.N. Case Study - Hillary Clinton.

While on her tour of The Congo, Hillary Clinton was asked some innocent question about her husband by a student. A great moment in misdirected C.Y.I.N. history ensued.

Man, I gotta tell ya', I don't regret choosing Barack, but I really, really, really wouldn't mind seeing how Hillary handled such a cluster as these "townhall protests". Something tells me she'd be a lot less "nice" than Barry, who can't seem to C.Y.I.N. to save his life. Even when he's being mad, he still is so damn congenial about it.

Arrghh, I'm not impressed. Sorry, Barry. I am still waiting too see the Chi-Town in you come out, and drop a couple of expletives to put some fools in check. The "go along to get along" thing clearly isn't getting anything done. Knuckle up, Challie!

Question: Could Obama learn a thing to two about clapping back from Hilary? Was Hillary unnecessarily rude to that student? Would she handle the current healthcare crisis differently? Are you clueless about what C.Y.I.N. means?

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