Friday, August 21, 2009

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Michelle O's Bare Legs.

So, it's the dog days of summer. The news cycle is barren. NFL season ain't started yet. You gotta talk about somethin' to fill the hours, so the MSM is back on that ole' cultural anthropology tip again.

[Editor's Note: Don't slam Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan for her comments during the segment above. She's simply playing Devil's Advocate.]

One thing that continually pisses me off is how those in the media always seem to tag DC is as some stodgy, uncool city. Anyone who's lived here knows it ain't exactly Ocean & Collins, but dang, DC ain't exactly Topeka either. Giving the whole city some lame "buttoned-up" image, mainly based on the cultural and fashion sense of a few hundred folks on The Hill is tantamount to saying everyone in LA is a waiter who's working on a screenplay. How silly does that sound? Probably just as silly as branding a diverse city of nearly 600,000 by looking at a handful of folks who don't even technically live there.

Enough already, there's Federal Washington, and then there's DC. They ain't the same.

Anyways, the real nonsense here is why folks are frothing at the mouth because Michelle O is wearing shorts. On vacation. In the Summer. Did I mention the vacation and Summer parts?

They ain't Daisy Dukes or Coochie Cutters, they more or less look like the same thing I saw hundreds of middle aged women wearing at the shore in Delaware last weekend. Why is this even news? Can you say "manufactured controversy"?

Question: Were Michelle Obama's short shorts Ashy Or Classy? Is this much ado about nothing, or does the title of First Lady demand a certain level of decorum?

Who, Exactly, Is Outraged At Michelle Obama's Shorts? [Newsweek]

Michelle Obama 101: How much weight has Michelle Obama gained since the election? [Examiner]

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ebonygentleman said...

Haterade is the official drink of the MSM when it comes to Michelle-O.

I say that there is nothing wrong with the outfit at all. It's just that the past few First Ladies would not have been successful showing their "Jello" arms and vericose veined thighs in public.

I can't wait until she busts out the one-piece bikini next year. Go for it, Michelle!

As my wifey says, "Black don't crack."


Ciara said...

Michelle has nice legs, it's fine. They aren't too short.

AnewP said...

That's just some more MSM dog days of summer in DC ain't got s@@t to talk about. Is she supposed to be wearing a gown to look @ the grand canyon? Barry is the POTUS, not her.

Monie said...

The media likes to sit around talking because it means they won't have to send anyone out to cover an actual story.

This is mostly about the bottom line; talking about Michelle's shorts is cheap. Educating the masses about health-care reform requires sending reporters and researches out for a fairly long time; that costs money.

MsNegroEsquire2004 said...

Haters. They don't die they multiply. I have seen Jackie Kennedy and Hillary Clinton photographed in full bathing suits, while on vacation. The President regularly comes off of AF1 in jeans. Its just another attempt to say that Mrs. Obama doesn't "belong". The whole line of "controversy" is sick to the core.

ch555x said...

She's fine with me...

Marbles said...

This is ridiculous. I'm not sure I would even have given the shorts a second thought if these elves hadn't decided that they're somehow worth blathering about.

@ Monie:


Denise said...

Frankly, I'm surprised these haters haven't performed their usual price checks cuz ya now they've clocked every label on every article of clothing the First Family is rocking.

Mrs. Obama looks like a YOUNG , energetic, working mother enjoying time with her husband and daughters.

That there, friends, is what's killin''em.

spool32 said...

This is a TOTALLY MANUFACTURED issue. When you're listening to reports... note that they don't quote any original source with a complaint. They'll quote numerous sources for the "it's no big deal" counterpoint... but all references to people who disapprove are unnamed.

That's because they're imaginary.

BrownBelle said...

Totally agree with spool32. I interned in DC this summer & was hard pressed to find any positive news pieces about the Obamas. The Washington Examiner actually tagged Michelle as a hypocrite because she and her daughters did the cover of Children's Health Magazine...and were spotted eating burgers & shakes a mere 3 days later! The horror! The tragedy!

Marbles said...


It's almost like they take pride in being unprincipled vultures. Eesh.

The Lioness said...

It was a family outing- not a UN summit meeting for goodness sakes. Plus, it was at the Grand Canyon- in what 100 degree weather that day? The media is really killing me.

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