Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Do Some People Hate Michelle-O So Much?!?

Yesterday's story about BootyGate somehow turned into a discussion about Michelle Obama and some of the racist/sexist nonsense that's hurled at her on the daily. In the past few weeks alone, we've had a hack comedian refer to her as "Elton Brand in drag", and a GOP operative essentially call her a primate. But if you want a better idea of just how many people really, really, really revile this woman, all you need to do is a quick Google search and read the comments posted by "average, everyday hardworking Americans".

Seriously, peep this. Here's just a sampling of the sort of trash hurled at the First Lady on a daily basis. I simply did a Google News search for "Michelle Obama" and pulled up the first story (about her recent visit to the Vatican) on a neutral website (The Examiner) and these are just a few of the comments.
She looks like James Brown in drag... at a Muslim wake!

And, the underbite makes him look like he's on an angry mission... to punch someone in the nose... Yo, Rush, where are you... ?

anyhow at least she looks like she has the confidence...no matter how awful she looks likeso this is a plus!!

Halloween III

She looks AWFUL as usual!!!! Why people think she looks great must be blind or just want to jumo on some band wagon.....people who have high or no waist DO NOT WEARBELTS!!!!!!!!

It looks like she got the Vatican mixed up with the mosque with that veil thing. She is one ugly woman!

I've noticed lately that her backside seems to be getting wider and her belly bigger.

the first ho looks ignorant--as she is--totally inappropriate & ridiculous.

I have noticed in her sheath dresses she also needs to shave under her arms. I have seen pictures with her arms raised and it is not attractive.

she looks like she has gained a ton of weight recently. There was a picture of her & Obama leaving Italy...he has his hand on her butt...which is big enough to use as a movie screen.

She looks awful. This woman has no class.
Mrs. Obama looks terrible with the belts worn so high--doesn't she have a waist? Looks like an old man who pulls his trousers up under his arm pits.

Don't they have orthodondists in Chicago who could have fixed her ugly underbite?

She looks like the bride of Dracula in this getup. Or maybe a Nation of Islam member from Chicago's south side. Whatever it is, it isn't working.
Again, one random news story (which, granted, was specifically about her attire) and literally dozens of followup comments that denigrate the woman for everything from her skin tone to her shape.

Is this really how "average, everyday hardworking Americans" view the First Lady of The United States? And if so, what sad, sad message does this send in an allegedly post-racial US?

Seriously, folks go hard at her EVERYDAY like this, whether it's legit writers, or innanet hacks hiding behind a clever screen name. And while a majority of the inflammatory remarks come from Conservatives (and their readers), I should note that liberals and their publications are no less guilty. And just in case you were wondering, no, the Obama Kids have not been exempt from similar racist/sexist slurs.

As a man married to a tall, educated, and curvy (not to be confused with fat) black woman, I can't help but wince a bit when I read this nonsense. If this is really how a sizable segment (seriously, try the Google test yourself sometime) of America views our First Lady, and by proxy, all black women? If so, what can be done about this, and what are the real world implications for other women of color?

PostRacial America, my black woman-lovin' ass.

Question: Do comments like the ones above anger you? Have you observed a similar racial/sexist undertone when the First Lady is being discussed? When will America get beyond this sort of hatred?

Michelle Obama at the Vatican: fab or drab? [Examiner - Read The Comments For Yourself]

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