Monday, July 6, 2009

Why Black Folks Just Can't Get Ahead... Exhibits A & B.

Marion Barry's in trouble, yet again. What's new? I thought dodging jail in this back tax case, and just getting a lifesaving kidney transplant would slow the old man down. But noooo, Barry had to go stalk some fine young tender (in Anacostia Park of all places), and now he's likely violated the terms of his parole. Poor fella.

Perhaps more interesting is Detroit's Monica Conyers, whose rap sheet is longer than Manute Bol's. Something about a 44 year old woman married to an 80 year old man just seems a bit off from jump. But I gotta admit, I sorta admire Conyers' friskiness. She should have her own "goin' to jail" BET reality show, cause her a$$ was just convicted of getting a measly $3,000 kickback in exchange for the deciding vote on a billion dollar contract. Seriously, if you're gonna eff' up, do it big. 3 G's doesn't buy jack in this economy, and it sure ain't worth your freedom.

MLK Is Crying Inside.

Question: Will Negro Politricians Ever Stop Effin' Up?!?

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