Sunday, July 5, 2009

What On AB's iPod?!? - A TV Theme Music Mixtape?!?

Folks who continually bellyache about the lack of originality in hip hop really irritate me. No, the proliferation of Yung's, Lil's, Big's, and Mane's of the cRap music wouldn't know a fresh idea if it punched them in the grill, but plenty of cats are still pushing the creative envelope in 09', just sans radio airplay. One such rapper would be LoJ.

I'll admit, I don't know the first thing about this dude, and generally speaking Corporate tie-ins to music make me sick to my stomach. Still, I would strongly suggest that anyone who thinks hip hop is creatively dead give a listen to LoJ X Vitamin Water Presents: Theme Music v.1. The "sample TV and movie theme songs" idea has been done before (I think Cam'ron made a whole career off this in the pre-Dipset 90's), but never this cleverly. LoJ's not necessarily Rakim with the mic, but the creative sampling of such familiar theme songs as Livin' Single, Sex And The City, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and, wait for it... the "Soul Glow" jingle from Coming To America is worth the listen to this well paced 11 song mixtape alone. With vocal cuts from each show interspersed, and sponsor shoutouts kept to a minimum, this one definitely qualifies as "different" to say the least. I liked it, you prolly will too.

So before you knock the lack of originality and creativity in modern day cRap music again, give this one a download. As usual, the price (Free 99) is right, so what do you have to lose?

LoJ X Vitamin Water Presents: Theme Music v.1 (Mixtape) [2DopeBoyz]

Question: What's your favorite TV/Movie theme song of all time? What did you think of the mixtape?

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