Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thanks For Supporting AB.com!!!

For those unaware, this blog makes a nominal amount off ad revenue, and I sell a few t-shirts a month. But with two young mouths to feed and a perpetually dwindling personal allowance, anything extra ya'll can spare to give your favorite blogger some walking around money is savored. For those who go above and beyond on a regular basis and actually hit a brotha off with a personal bailout, this post is for you.

I want to thank the folks who make the sacrifice to financially support this site with their always timely PayPal donations. I don't usually call people out by name, but after the overwhelming show of support given when I last begged asked, I couldn't resist giving these people their props. To protect the innocent, I'm just using initials.

Extra special AverageThanks™ to...
Your contributions are greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated.

For errybody else thinking about supporting this site financially, I'mma tell you like the UNCF told me. Don't almost give. Give.
Put a lil' somethin' in the AB Tip Jar. It's over on the lefthand side.

Buy a t-shirt, mug, notebook, or other assorted AB.com swag from The AB.com Store.

Buy some CD's, books, and DVD's from the Amazon.com carousel.

Patronize the banner ads that blanket this site. Get your interracial date-on, since those seem to be the only ads running here of late.

Tell a friend to tell a friend. The more readers (and commenters) the merrier.
Freedom ain't free, and neither is the annual GoDaddy.com domain registration renewal. If you enjoy reading this 7 day/week, spread the love and support your peoples.


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