Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sessions vs Sotomayor.

Sheezus, is this 1959 or 2009? If you close your eyes tightly and turn up the volume, you can hear the faint sound of barking dogs and water hoses in the background.

Give Sotomayor credit, she listened to that barrage of bullsh*t and didn't blink once. She's clearly smart enough to know that these guys are praying for a "meltdown", and smart enough to know now to give them one. But you know deep down inside, she's thinkin' "Mother****** say what?!? Oh, I'm bout' to call some goons to meet this fool in the parking lot!!!" Seriously, peep the expression on her face at the 3:36 mark.

What really pisses me off is that the GOP is playing right into the very sort of silly racial politricks that they should know better than. If you want to see a semi-reasonable method of debating the merits of Sotomayor's nomination, peep how Senator Sam Brownback handles his.

Yes, he is against Sotomayor, but his rationale (he thinks she's an "activist" judge) is reasonable and doesn't dip low into the well of racial politricks. This is how you debate, not by Channelling Your Inner Bull Connor.

All things considered, Day One wasn't too bad, but today, when "cross examination" starts, things might could get a little ugly. Stay tuned.

Question: Does Jeff Sessions have a point, or is he merely dredging the bottom of the barrel?

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