Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road Wearier.

Uh, I didn't say Road Warrior, I said Road Wearier.[1]

I've been in NYC doing a project for a customer to remain undisclosed the past couple of weeks. While I'd love to give you some witty impressions (like the ones I occasionally drop over on AverageTwitter) of my first extended stay evar in Lower Manhattan, reality is I haven't seen much of Lower Manhattan other than what passes by the windows of my daily cab ride back and forth to work. We're talking 13-15 hour days onsite. I could only imagine that this is what chattel slavery felt like. Every morning I leave my hotel, the phrase "Goree Island" sticks in my head.

Not that I'm complaining, obviously. Work is work, and work pays the bills. All things considered, I could be a lot worse off. I could be in Topeka (again). Trust me, you don't wanna go there.

I guess the whole point of this pointless post is to say that you might see the quantity (albeit not quality, quality's a must) of posts slow to a trickle here in the coming days as I try to dig in and hit my Friday deadline so I can go back to my own bed and of course family. Bear with me, and keep me cheery by commenting on whatever's posted, whether you normally would or not. Sneaking a look at the BB and seeing the latest comments always breaks the monotony of the obligatory 4pm status meeting. I'm just sayin', who schedules status meetings for 4pm anyway?

Alright, enough already.

[1] BTW, I hope ya'll caught the meaning of the photo above. I am sure EbonyGentleman will explain if needed. BTW, could someone remind me which one is Hawk, and which one is Animal? And who was their manager? I forget.

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