Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poll Position - Obama Should Serve Brewskis.

So, another week, another poll. Sometime today, President Obama, embattled Harvard professor Skip Gates, and maligned Cambridge Po-Po Officer Crowley will meet at the White House to shoot the breeze and do a special photo-op. The express purpose of this exercise in pointlessness is obviously to put a cap on this outlandish Gates-gate episode, so that Obama can skip off to Martha's Vineyard with a clear conscience. Skip will have a Red Stripe, Obama a Bud Light[1], and after fudging that police report, Officer Crowley will have a Blue Moon eat crow. Here's to hoping that all goes well, and nobody tries to card Professor Gates on his way into the Rose Garden. That could get ugly.

Anyways, I polled ya'll on what Obama should serve his guests. The results were predictable. Sorta.

Beer won, and thankfully, enough of ya'll remember Dave Chappelle's classic drank vs juice routine to get the inside joke on those choices. Kudos.

Naturally, I voted for the house favorite, CapriSuns. Let's face it, Obama got slammed for drankin' a beer at an NBA game last Winter cause some said it sent the wrong message to kids. No matter what brand of brew he chooses, folks are gonna overanalyze after the fact[1], and this pointless chatter will likely overshadow any prewritten speeches that the trio will read from their teleprompters. CapriSuns test well with focus groups, don't offend anyone, and are full of vitamins and high fructose corn syrup to boot. CapriSuns, FTW!

Question: What beverage did you choose and why? Just how awkward is this photo op gonna be?

[1] Believe it or not, some wingnuts are already questioning Obama's choice of beer because Budweiser is no longer American owned. And you wonder why some Conservatives can't be taken seriously.

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