Thursday, July 2, 2009

People I Strongly Dislike - Robert Gibbs.

Has there ever been a more pompous, less qualified, and generally annoying guy inexplicably given a high profile position than White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs?[1] You know things are getting bad when some guy named Chip, and 104 year old Helen Thomas start gettin' gully on you.

I've said it repeatedly here, this guy is a huge part of Obama's messaging problem. Each and every day, he holds court with the sort of misdirected swag and callousness of a drunken bar fighter. He does a terrible job of keeping his cool, seems to hold grudges against certain members of the media, and always makes snarky off the cuff remarks that are hardly befitting of a man in his elevated position. Fairly or unfairly, since he speaks on behalf of the President more than the President speaks for himself, for all intents and purposes, he is the President if you think about it.

[Editor's Question - Can a white guy be called a buffoon? I'm not too hip on the historical origins of this term, and I usually see it attributed to Negroes. Please let me know if it's technically correct for me to start calling this guy a buffoon. Cause that's what I feel like he is. He's like a Flavor Flav with fewer kids, less melanin, and a reality show that never gets cancelled.]

I was never too crazy about Bush's press secretaries, but even they (especially Ari Fleisher, whom I actually sorta liked) carried themselves as if they understood the importance of the position. Sure, they lied through their teeth 90% of the time, but you seldom got them impression that they were getting off on some odd power trip each time they took the podium. I can't say the same for Gibbs, but for the in the interest of wanting to see the guy I voted for succeed, I hope this numbskull's trip to comes sooner rather than later.

Obama shoulda just hired Jamal Simmons in the first place.

Question: Is Robert Gibbs getting on your last nerve too?

[1] Isaiah Thomas coaching the Knicks might be somewhere in the Top 20. Got any others?

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