Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madea Takes The Philly Swimmin' Kids To DisneyWorld.

I've finally come to terms with Tyler Perry, as ya'll may recall when I recently reviewed Madea Goes To Jail. Many of the guy's movies, tv shows, and stage plays aren't my speed, but that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining someone. Rooting against the guy is futile, and criticizing him doesn't change the fact that he's one of the few black men able to get a movie greenlit, and one of the few able to turn a consistent profit, regardless of your perception of his quality of work. Period. That is it, and that is all.

Anyways, Perry ends up as the Inaugural recipient of's newest Poppin' Tag, the aptly titled Doin' Good, for reaching out to the kids recently denied access to a Philly area swimming pool.
Tyler Perry is paying for 65 children from a Philadelphia day camp to go to Walt Disney World after reading about allegations that a suburban swim club had shunned them because of racism.

The black and Hispanic children who attend the day camp run by Creative Steps Inc. cheered Monday when they learned about the actor's gift.

Creative Steps director Alethea Wright says she's thrilled about the offer, especially because Perry "comes from humble beginnings" like the children in her camp.

The Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley has maintained that refunding the camp's swimming fee was not about race but rather a safety issue, in part because many children couldn't swim.

Perry is best known for his signature character Madea, a big-hearted but foul-tempered grandmother.
Kudos to Tyler Perry. This nearly atones for the $40 I wasted on Madea's Family Reunion. Nearly.

Question: Ok, I added a "good news" tag to balance out all the hateration. Ya'll happy, now?

Tyler Perry Treats 65 Swimming Pool Excluded Kids To Disney World [HuffPost]

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