Friday, July 31, 2009

I Will Not Apologize. Anymore.

Tomorrow I turn 36 26, and if the CDC is right, this officially signals the start of the 3rd quarter of my life. With age comes achy joints wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. A smart man uses the anniversary of his born day to step back, analyze, and access his lot in life, then make changes accordingly. And some of those changes are going to be seen shortly on this blog. started 2 1/2 years ago as a way for me to vent a little, and over time, it's opened doors for me that wouldn't have otherwise been accessible. 1,500+ posts later (check the stats), has sorta morphed into a fullblown community of diverse voices, opinions, and walks of life. Thousands visit this site every week for some odd reason or another, which I suppose deems this April Fool's joke (the date of my first post) a success. That said, I always try and strive to make every post discussion worthy. There's enough fluff elsewhere on the web. But this gets draining, and sometimes takes the simple fun out of what I do. No more. Since it seems like ya'll will ride with me no matter what, I have some stylistic announcements to make.

I Will Not Apologize For Being A Rap Nerd - Except for my weekly What's On AB's iPod? features, I don't talk music too much here. I'm a geeky dude who prolly downloads 20+ new mixtapes, podcasts, and free promo stuff a week. I don't spend much time here discussing my love of music cause I assume there aren't too many like minded heads here. Doesn't matter. If you like these posts, chime in. If not, skip.

I Will Not Apologize For Being A Basketball Junkie - Likewise, I preface every sports related post with a bunch of disclaimers, hoping I don't alienate those who don't care about the potency of the Cleveland Cavaliers second unit. Again, if that's for you, chime in. If not...

I Will Not Apologize For Being A Liberal - I'm an unaffiliated voter who really, really, really wants to have two options when it comes to voting for statewide and national politricians. But damnit GOP, ya'll just make it too hard to justify even considering you with all the nonsense you do every week. Announcing that I'm a liberal at heart doesn't mean I drink Kool-Aid or walk in lockstep with the Dems (I don't), or that I don't vote across party lines locally (always have, always will). But why keep fooling myself into thinking I might be ideologically compatible on some level with a-holes like Jeff Sessions? I'm not, and prolly never will be. If you wanna brand me as a librul, go right ahead. Fine.

I Will Not Apologize For Liking Gossip - I usually try and avoid celebrity-related posts here, unless there's a greater context for discussion (ie: child support). But damnit, I like Necole Bitchie and hate Sandra Rose just as much as the next woman. So, expect a lot more Hollyweird, simply for the sake of gawking. I don't always need a greater purpose for these posts, just like I don't need a greater purpose for sports posts. Sometimes gawking is good.

I Will Not Apologize For Being Mean - Sometimes as a blogger, you're concerned about hurting people's feelings. You never know who is reading, and whom you might effect. But let's face it, anyone who knows me personally (tell em' CJames!) knows I'm a sarcastic, snarky, "downright mean" individual. That's my personality. Sometimes I hold it back in the name of being politically correct, or out of concern for offending folks. Not any more.

I Will Not Apologize For Deleting Comments - There's a new sheriff in town, and his name ain't Reggie Hammonds. Act up and get scratched up.

Question: Do you think you're going to like the new and non-apologetic Got anything you're tired of apologizing for?

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