Saturday, July 18, 2009

"I Been Had Vitamin Water!"

Yep, Mr. "I Been Had" is back.

Question: Who the heck is this bama'!?!?

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Anonymous said...

The "Been Had" gag is old; it has been running for almost/over a year now. I believe the first "been had" was done by a dude named Ju of D4L (Down for Life)- guess he's achieved some sort of fame/notoriety for rapping. Ju's "Been counting money" video -an ignorant homage to having money but having no discernible talent- has been on Youtube since July 2008.

Apparently, Ju's video set off a chain of response videos, where other "rappers," such as this Jose Hustle character, talked about all the other isht they "been had." There's a been had for the following: bootleg movies, movies, vinyl, charmin (yes, the bathroom tissue), pokemon cards, cammies (US Marines flossin their camouflage pants in traditional dark green and desert green), cans (seriously), tatoos (really, seriously), school supplies, and quite a few more.

The main players in these "Been Had" response videos seem to be Ju of D4L, Jose Hustle, who apparently knows Ju of
D4L (see the "Been had bootleg movies" video), and a white dude named Cody Clarke, whose videos are actually pretty funny.

I happened upons these videos a little while ago myself, but it seems they've been around for a minute, and they range from ignorant, to amusing, to absurd. I think the fad is dying down now.

As to who Jose Hustle "is," other than a dude with an ego, a camera, and a bunch of time on his hands, I can't call it.

BeatsBeast said...

the rest of us "Been had a life"

This dude is stuck on a faded internet fad...smh sad just sad

LeonX said...

I need dude to "been had" a college education. Let's see you make it rain transcripts and A+'s nukka!

MsNegroEsquire2004 said...

Have these fools "been had" degrees, IRAs, books?

adinasi said...

Live in LA long enough, and you recognize everything like this as your wedge into Hollywood.

How many current entertainers did something similarly stupid back in their youth without the power of YouTube? If this young man stays with it, and is serious about it, don't be surprised when he 'breaks through.'

Case in point: I've spoken recently with teachers who had the Transformer guy LeBeouf (sp) when he was in middle school, and according to them he was a complete a-hole.

'How ya' like me now?"

Does this brotha sound any better than Lil' Wayne, or any current genre of marketed entertainers?

Nothing like our freedom of expression, and freedom to choose something else!

adinasi said...

And another thing:

This young man's intellect isn't the question; it's his passion and direction that concerns us. Let's hope he's got some Yoda-type in his circle who can knock him upside his head every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know we're gettin on this Jose Hustle guy for how nonsensical his videos have been, but, really, their just entertainment- send-ups, so to speak, of the original "Been Counting Money," which I'll admit was an ignornant display of materialism by a little known rapper. But, the response videos created by Jose Hustle (the first guy's cousin) and the other "regular" folk, in a way, poke fun at how trivial the first video was, by making "Been Had's" showcasing even more trivial things.

The very first response video, "Been Had Movies" by Cody Clarke, a regular guy and...blogger (gasp!), sometime-musician, sometime-poet, etc., was a parody that captured the "Been Counting Money" video's comical undertones (as opposed to it's tragic undertones). (See his rundown of the "Been Had" series here:

So, I guess, it's all in good fun, though not all the videos have been in good taste. But, I don't know if this is something to be so upset about. Like one commenter said, this is how people breakthrough in Hollywood now- do something of questionable value to larger society, broadcast it to others, and see if someone, somewhere, with some money to burn and a lot of clout makes you a star.

Bourgie, JD said...

I'm late on this Been Had fad so thanks AB for putting me on. I wasted a good 30 min watching those vids and some others. Hilarity. I can't hate on the young dude for what he's doing. For all we know he could be super smart and doing well for himself... just likes to act out on the 'net. Who isn't nowadays?

Monie said...

Regarding AB-Ism™ Of The Day;

Teyana Taylor is really talented. She is a really amazing singer. I don't know why but it seems like it takes forever for artists these days to get a project completed. So I really don't think it's her fault she doesn't have an album out.

Also she's 18 so I think it's pretty normal for an 18 year old to go out a lot. It's not her fault the photographers know who she is and take her pic and then those pics end-up online.

And for money she models. She has done quite a few runway shows.

HNICollege said...

Can we refer to him as the "Been Had Bama"?

thelegacymaker said...

really? "I been had water?" really though? this guy is too much...lmao

MsNegroEsquire2004 said...

I'm in the process of making my own Youtube video right now. Its called "I Been Had Mortgage Payments." Its me running around my house showing the canceled checks from my payments.

"I been had mortgage payments n&gga!"

d said...

Jose Hustle attends Tuskegee University as a 3rd yr Business Sales and Marketing Major. Therefore I'm guessing pretty soon he will have "a been had degrees" video. Everyone has to start somewhere, God bless you Jose Hustle.

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