Thursday, July 16, 2009

"I Been Had Polo!"

Without futher ado, I present to you, the most ignant 4:48 of the new millenium, the aptly titled "I Been Had Polo".

Between the tiny closet and the over-the-top sound effects, let me count the random wrongness in this video.
"My Carlton Banks swag!"

"That's that cowhide baby!"

"Poppin' tags!"

"Polo drawls!"

"You can see the horsie comin' off!"

"He need to get his belt game up!"

"Pokemon, ketchup like mustard."

"Polo d*ck rubbas, baby!"
Personally, I'd be more impressed if he "been had a Roth IRA", but that's just me. On the bright side, he does appear to be in college, so at least he's trying.

Youth (and easy access to credit) is sadly wasted on the young.

Question: Can you top this unbridled display of Negro Nonsense? Drop the link below.

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