Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eff' Yo' Pool Nukka!!! See Ya' In Court!

A quick update on last week's Philly Pool Racism story.
A largely minority day care center Monday refused an offer to return to a swim club in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, amid allegations of racism.

Some kids from the Creative Steps Day Care center say club members made racial remarks.

Swimming privileges for about 65 children from Creative Steps were revoked after one visit to the club, on June 29. Some black and Hispanic children said white club members made racist comments to them, asking why black children were there and raising concerns that "they might steal from us."

"Parents, do you want your children to return to the Valley Swim Club?" Alethea Wright of Creative Steps asked parents who attended a news briefing with her Monday. When none of them raised their hands, Wright said, "As you can see, the vote is unanimous."

The swim club, in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, extended the invitation on Sunday to return.

The day care center had originally contracted to use the pool, but the club canceled the agreement and returned the day care center's $1,950 check without explanation. Watch how the controversy started »

Swim club director John Duesler said last week that safety and crowding -- not racism -- prompted the cancellation. The club canceled contracts with two other day care centers because of safety and crowding, he said.

Wright has disputed that the pool was overcrowded.

"The children's best interests are not being served," lawyer Carolyn Nichols said. "Simple lip service does not amount to change."

The day care center also wants the resignation of all swim club board members and the removal of any club members who made the racist comments, Nichols said.

"Our goal is to ensure that this type of behavior never happens again," she said.

Wright has said the children in her care were "emotionally damaged" by the incident.

"These children are scarred. How can I take those children back there?" she said.

The club has been subpoenaed by the state Human Relations Commission, which has begun a fact-finding investigation, said Bernice Duesler, the club director's wife.
Well dang, take it to em' why don't ya'?

I personally like the fact that the daycare isn't falling back, sangin' KumByYa (or however you spell it), and pretending the original slight never happened. Reality is, YES, the kids WERE SCARRED. These are freakin' children (look at the photo above for Crissakes), not a bunch of "inner city thugs" as many have suggested.

While I doubt that the suit will (or honestly, should) result in little more than an apology, I think it's great to send a message to these kids that certain things aren't permissible, and no, people aren't allowed to treat you any ole' way they please.

Kudos to Creative Steps (and the dozens of white folks who picketed outside this club over the weekend) for standing up for these kids.

And to Valley Stream, in the immortal words of Rick James via Dave Chappelle...

"Eff' Yo' Couch Pool Nukka!!!"

Question: Was this the right way for the folks at Creative Steps to handle this situation? What message would it have sent to the kids had they accepted the invitation to return to the pool?

Day care rejects invitation to return to pool [CNN]

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