Sunday, July 12, 2009

BootyGate?!? Really?

So, nearly a week after an optical illusion turned into a silly faux controversy, the media is still prattling on and on about Barack Obama supposedly ogling the booty of a 16 year old Brazilian girl. All I see is a black man helping a beautiful brownskinned sister down some stairs, but that's just me.

Clearly Obama didn't oggle the young girl's butt. I have no idea why this is still being discussed. Perhaps the stupidest criticism I've heard is that if George W. Bush had done this, it'd be all over the news. Uhhh, really. Did folks somehow forget this?

Of course they did, because it never was (nor should have been) a story. Bush's photo, while far more playful, was also an optical illusion. Ditto for Obama's, although his is purely a work of lazy media fiction. Tell em' Tamron!

This falls right in line with common stereotypes. A black man can't resist peeking at butts, even underaged ones. And his tall, muscular black wife probably kicked his ass when they got back to the hotel. Cause, you know, that's what angry, "obese" black women do.

Riiiiight. I can't help but think that there's a little bit of "oversexed Black man"-style racial politricks lurking under the surface here. What say ye'?

Question: Is "BootyGate" being blown out of proportion? Is there a double standard for liberals and Conservatives, or is this more black and white?

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