Monday, June 8, 2009

Ya' Boy Is Back!!! Where Ya'll At?!?

Okay, I'm back. Actually, I got back from my 10 day trip through Northern Europe Friday, but you know how long it takes to decompress from a transcontinental flight. Dulles Airport has never looked so welcoming. The whole thing was an eye-opening trip, my first to this particular region of Europe. If I contrast it with a trip I took to France/Italy/UK a few years back, I'd say having a different guy calling the shots at 1600 Penn Ave. is already making a profound difference in how Americans are perceived abroad. I'm sure I'll get around to sharing some Random Observations Of An Average American Negro In Modern Day Russia sometime soon, but right now, a brother has 10 days of missed Day Job to make up for. I did a total and complete unplug (no TV, no internet, no newspapers, no nothing) while gone. I'm sure I've missed something or other here, so if you have links, stories, ideas, holla at ya' boy.

I am aware that the blog is still experiencing some odd idd'ish if you try to view it using IE. I fixed over the weekend, thanks to all who dropped me a note. I hope that many of you who had problems hitting will come back now that we're past that.

Finally, I wanna thank each and every blogger and assorted member of AverageNation™ that helped keep the spot warm while I was OOTC. I'm sure I'll forget someone, but props to Denene Millner, Ciara, Vanilla Latte, my main man EbonygGent, The Uppity Negro, Adinasi, and others who gave me lots of solid stuff to keep the party going in my absence. It's good to know you can leave your child (which, let's face it, this sorta is) in good hands and not worry. These folks held me down, and for that, Cyber CapriSuns™ to all ya'll.

Anyways, I'm back.

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