Sunday, June 21, 2009

Win Free Jazz CDs In The Father's Day Contest!!!

In addition to LCD rap music, I'm a big fan of "classic" jazz. Columbia/Legacy Recordings, recently released a series of multi-disc 1959 commemorative jazz albums, all of which are widely considered some of the greatest jazz albums of all time. These albums – Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, Charles Mingus’ Mingus Ah Um and Dave Brubeck’s Time Out – all came out 50 years ago, in 1959. They're a must for any lover of classic (ie: non-"smooth") jazz. I've got plenty of Miles in my personal collection, but the 2 Disc Sketches of Spain Legacy Edition is extra lovely. And if you're the winner of our Father's Day Contest, you get all 3 CDs. What A Bargain!

The contest is simple: Send an email telling me why your Dad/Husband/Child's Father is The Best Father Evar.

Keep it short, but obviously, make it heartwrenchingly beautiful. The best submission (as judged by me and AverageSis) wins the collection of all 3 CDs, courtesy of Columbia/Legacy Recordings.

[Note: Please do not submit any "my Dad wasn't sh*t!" stories. This is not the place, nor the time.]

Get ta' writin'. Contest ends Monday, the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Columbia/Legacy Recordings [Official Website]

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