Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why The GOP And Computers Don't Match.

Sometimes it pays to have white friends who are "down". I say this, mainly because, as a young forward thinking Negro, some stuff can simply go unnoticed because you don't move in those circles. Black folks, for instance, have a whole electronic chittlin' circuit of emails containing ghetto prom pictures, anatomic gossip about NBA players, and assorted 80's Negro Nonsense (ie: those Good Times and What's Happenin' trivia challenges) that likely floats around unnoticed to white America, outside the occasionally curious IT guy. Likewise, white folks have a whole network of similarly lowbrow stuff that you wouldn't otherwise know about if you weren't looking over their shoulder as they checked their Outlook inbox. I'm assuming the photo in question is one such example.
Tennessee Democratic legislators are expressing outrage over a racist e-mail about President Barack Obama that was sent by a state employee who works for a Republican lawmaker.

The e-mail from Sherri Goforth, a legislative aide for Sen. Diane Black, was sent last month to other staff for Republican senators. The e-mail, first reported by the West Tennessee blog Newscoma, shows a portrait or photo of each U.S. president except Obama, who is depicted only as wide eyes in a black background.

Black's office told The Associated Press on Monday that Goforth had left for the day but that Black planned to talk to reporters.

Another blog hosted by WRKN-TV reported that Goforth confirmed sending the e-mail and said she had received a letter of reprimand.

Democrat Rep. Johnny Shaw of Bolivar says Goforth should be fired.

I'll be honest, I'm not so sure Goforth should be "fired". It's unlikely that she created the image of note, and equally unlikely that she added any special commentary to it beyond what the typical person forwarding such an email would. Until we hear more, I'm not even sure this warrants further discussion. Sure, it's stereotypical, and kinda pathetic, but between the Obama Waffles and that White House watermelon patch image, I've seen worse.

I dunno, what do ya'll think?

Question: Is the image above offensive, or just so damn typical of GOP behavior that it's sorta sad? Should Goforth be fired or reprimanded for forwarding an image that someone else likely created?

Democrats express outrage over racist Obama e-mail [AP]

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