Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song, Evar?!?

I'll be honest, it's still pretty difficult to believe Michael Jackson is actually gone. After the news announced he had passed, I intentionally turned the channel to the NBA Draft and tried to forget all about this. On the ride to drop my son off at school this morning, all the Sirius XM channels were playing their tributes, which reminded me not only of how much music this guy made (750M albums sold!), but how much he'd been sampled by other artists. The man's musical legacy will truly live on forever.

Still, it's sad that Michael's musical legacy more or less ended when his personal problems caught up with him. Invincible produced a great song in "Butterflies"[1], but in recent years, Mike hasn't made anything of note. Considering the number of marketable artists who steal his singing style note for note (yeah, Ne-Yo) you'd think it would have been easy to throw together a solid album. I'm sure his recent studio work will surface soon, I just hope they don't pull some bullsh*t like they did with B.I.G. and have a bunch of "features" (Lil' Wayne, T-Pain, vocoders) that ruin the whole thing.

Anyways, all this made me think about my favorite Michael Jackson song evar. It's obviously a tough call, but if pressed, I'd say "Lady In My Life", which is the most beautiful 6 minutes, 7 seconds evar recorded on wax.

Damn, that song gives me goosebumps, especially the refrain that begins around the 3:40 mark. And while it's sad that I never got to see Michael perform in concert, at least his music lives on, and lots of it is captured in a pretty good mixtape called Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years. It's Free 99, so cop that and remember the times.

Rest In Peace, King Of Pop.

Question: What's your favorite Michael Jackson tune?

Download DJ Jaycee Presents Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years Mixtape[TheSmokingSection]

[1] Although you could argue that Floetry's original version was better, and I'd prolly agree.

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