Friday, June 12, 2009

What Would Yo Do?!? - DayCare Road Rage.

[Editor's Note: I tweeted about this in real time yesterday, and given the response, decided to bring it over here for debate. Forgive the choppiness, since I sorta did a lazy cut and paste job from my tweets. I won't tell you what I actually did until later.]

This morning, I saw one of the funniest things evar. I dropped my son off at school as usual, and on way out the parking lot, some dbag in a big SUV comes storming up behind me. There is road construction on the narrow two lane road leading out, and this woman is behind me blowing horn and flashing apparently not knowing that I couldn't drive any faster if I wanted to. As if her commute was somehow more important than mine.

After a few minutes of tailing me, she finally gets so impatient she decides to "go around" me. She yells something vile out the window as she passes me speeding by on the shoulder. Naturally, I am like "WTF", but what are you gonna do?

Then suddenly, she hits a massive pothole off the shoulder and the truck literally EXPLODES into a huge cloud of exhaust smoke!!! She musta scraped the ground when she hit the pothole, and all the underpinnings of her expensive SUV are suddendly strewn on the side of the road, as her truck sputters to a stop.

So now this road rager's truck is stranded... in the rain... on a rural roadside. What would you do?

Question: What would you do? Would you stop to help this road raged lunatic, or throw the deuce and keep it movin'?

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