Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill Maher's Had It With The Beige One.

When your number one Hollywood cheerleader begins to turn on you, you my friend, have a problem. And well, to be honest, I sorta kinda agree.

While I enjoy the media's fascination with Obama's historic election purely from a cultural standpoint, I do indeed agree that this stuff is getting old, as is his "let's just all get along" style of leadership. By now, he should know full and well that the GOP isn't playing along, they want him to fail miserably (Obama, not the country) so they have some chance of regaining power in this generation. But Barry does seem too preoccupied with being "nice" and "cordial" at times, and this works to his political disadvantage.

Should he start going into "my way or the highway" mode like Bush? No, that's just plain ignant, and downright dangerous. But I do think he needs to wrestle control of the party's messaging from that buffoon Robert Gibbs, and start chin checkin' some fools in a very public, very soundbite-friendly manner. Like it or not, he is losing the battle of public perception on many fronts (see: the 20 point gap between personal approval rating and policy approval) and his "No Drama Obama" style of communication is a big part of the problem.

Question: Does Obama need to be more like George Bush, or is Bill Maher merely taking too many bong pulls, yet again?

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