Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET Award Live Blog - PreShow.

Read chronologically from bottom to top. Updates happen whenever I get a free moment.


AB - Day 26, meet Minute 14.

AMB - Dang, that one dude got huge!!!

AB - Pause.


The Inaugural AverageFamily Stanky Leg Contest just ended.

Guess who won. :)


The Inaugural AverageFamily Stanky Leg Contest just began.


AA - Is this Jeremy or Jeremi?

AB - It's The Dream.

AOB - Marlon Wayans got a nappy Jehri curl.

AA - Too much makeup, Monica. What does she have on?


AB - Just when I think I'm holding onto my youth, I hear some B.S. like "Birthday Sex" that reminds me it's perfectly fine to be old and out of touch. What's with these Magic City background dancers?

AOB - The Dream called. He wants his gimmick back.

AMB - He got a bird chest.

AA - I like his haircut.


For anyone even remotely serious about grilling, might I recommend the following lifesaving product.

Technique Hard Anodized II Nonstick 18" x 12" Barbecue Pan


Are these folks holding up 2 fingers for "Boyfriend #2", or as a reflection of Pleasure P's IQ? Or their IQ's. Jesus.


Sorry for the delay. Everyone who showed up showed up with food, which is good of course (I hate freeloaders), but means grill duty for yours truly. I'll prolly pick up once the show starts. We really do have an obscene amount of food. Somewhere in sub-saharan Africa, a young child is smiling inside.

Could someone tell me who the hell Pleasure P is? Pleasure P sounds like the name of an ashy gay stripper, not that I'd know of course.

Skinny Jeans, FTW!!!


Uhhmm, seriously BET, WTF?!?

We have a black President. A sista is in charge of a Fortune 500 company. Do we really need two chicks most famous for whom they open their legs to with their own show? Is this what's hot on the streets? Really?


AverageOlderBrother, AverageMiddleBrother, and AverageAunt are here. The preshow is on, and boring as all get-out.

The camera pans of downtown LA are making me jealous. I had the option to either choose 2 months in Los Angeles, or one month in NYC for my next assignment. For obvious reasons I chose the project closer to home. I ain't been out West in prolly 5 years now. Gotta get back there soon.


A small gathering for a handful of folks has turned into a "party" with a houseful. I have a gang of stuff for do in the interim, so I'll will check in when time permits. It's a gray, drizzly day here in DC, but nothing says summer quite like grilled food, and we got plenty. I am making wings in 3 special flavors: BBQ, lemon pepper, and curry. The curry's an experiment which may go bust, but hey, we'll see.

I wonder how they'll manage to do the Michael Jackson tribute. With his passing, the awards show has been all over the news in recent days, and something inside hopes BET will keep the proceedings classy, given the additional sets of eyes in this post-racial TeeVee America. This specifically means the following...

1) No T-Pain
2) No vocoders
3) No Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion
4) No rappers, not named Heavy D
5) No Negro Nonsense, please!

Some of you have asked why I haven't hooked up with BET for some sorta sponsorship. I actually do have connects at BET, and I ran this idea by them, but given the very obvious nature of this blog's clownin', they didn't see any gain in being attached to a guy who'd essentially undermine their product. I suppose I understand this.

Needless to say, my longterm goal is to generate buzz and eventually have someone pickup this concept and take it to a bigger stage. This is specifically why I choose this format for live-blogging, rather than a chat room type application that some others use. I want to more or less control the content and keep it here in perpetuity. This obviously means I will be a little slow responding to comments, but I encourage ya'll to shoot the breeze with each other. I'll eventually get back to you.

For now, I need to get to that grill. Be back soon.

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