Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AverageNation™ Obama Approval Rating - July 2009.

Well, Obama's done it yet again.

Just when I thought public opinion would surely be waning in The Beige One's favor, he pulls yet another surprise out. For weeks he's been assailed for his lack of assertiveness in dealing with Iran, waffling on Gitmo, an up and down economy, and lack of decisive action on expanded healthcare benefits. I can't think of the last time Obama got some positive news. He even caught flack for killing a damn fly for Crissakes. The public pollsters, ie: folks who get paid for this, have his numbers continually sinking.
Obama's overall public job approval stood at 63% in the New York Times-CBS survey, and 56% in the Wall Street Journal-NBC poll -- down from 61% in a Journal-NBC poll in April.
Despite all this, the latest AverageNation™ Obama Approval Rating actually rose 2%, from the initial rating of 74% back in April, to 76%. I find this nothing short of amazing.

The reasons for this rise confound me. Perhaps everyone's patiently waiting for his initial legislation to work, rather than already writing him off after his first six months. Or perhaps you guys are like me, willing to overlook a misstep here or there, and still mostly in agreement with his job to date. Maybe some readers just don't know the difference between the words Yes and No. Go figure.

Either, congrats to Barry. At least from AverageNation™ you've got a few more months of grace period before we call for Sandman Sims.

We'll see how the numbers look next time, in September.

Question: How do you explain the improvement in Obama AverageNation™ Poll rating from April to June, given the President's recent string of bad press?

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