Sunday, June 28, 2009 LiveBlogs The BET Awards - Good Lord, It's 11pm!

Read chronologically from bottom to top. Updates happen whenever I get a free moment.

Just in case you're curious. AB - Me, AS - My Wife AOB - My Oldest Brother, AMB - My Middle Brother, AA - My Aunt, ASL - My Sister In Law, ABL - My Brother In Law.

AB - God bless & good night.


{Janet Jackson comes onstage. Tearjerker montage of photos. Highlight of the night. Jamie Foxx sings "I'll Be There". The show ends on a semi-classy note.}


{Drake & Lil' Wayne perform.}

AB - They bleeped out the "open up her legs to filet mignon" line.

AOB - Thank God.

AS - His hair looks nice tonight.

AB - They need to bleep half this song out.

{Lil' Wayne's daughter and a few other scantily dressed tweens come onstage to dance along. This is getting disturbing.]

AB - This is so wrong.

AS - Underwhelming. Why didn't Drake stand up even once?

AB - God, this is late. I am gonna regret this when I have to wake up at 4am to catch that Acela to NYC.


{The Toya and Tiny promo is shown for the 233rd time}

AB - I'm actually gonna watch that at least once. They got me.


{Jamie Foxx introduces Maxwell, and says he's "a little moist".}

AB - [Pause]

{AS and AA are having a conniption fit. I'm considering ending the live blog. Where is Human Tivo when you need it?}


{The cast of "Baby Boy" comes back onstage, clearly burning/filling time. Ving Rhames drops another expletive. Beyonce wins an award. Jay-Z awkwardly kisses her before she goes onstage.}

AS - That's a marriage of convenience.

AB - Aren't they all.

AS - She seems off tonight. Something's not right.

AOB - She's just shy.


{TI is being systematically disenfranchised for the moment, so his baby mama Tiny comes onstage to accept his award for him.}

AB - If ya'll can't say nothin' nice...



{Taraji Henson and Tyrese do an impromptu rendition of "Baby Boy"}

AB - Classic.

AS - Classic.

AOB - Classic.


AB - Can we see Lil' Wayne already. Some of us have Day Jobs to go to in the morning.

AS - Stop complaining.

AOB - They aren't going to cut Maxwell.

AB - Lil' Wayne ain't gettin' cut.

AOB - Don Cornelius messed it up for everyone.

AB - Here's that "Rap It Up" commercial with the guy with the logo-less fitted cap again. If I see this commercial one more time, I am going to have unprotected sex.

AS - Huh?

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