Sunday, June 28, 2009 Is LiveBlogging The BET Awards, Tonight!!!

What would summer be without some lame excuse to have friends and family over to gorge on grilled food and get plastered off Ciroc and lemonade? Unfortunately, with the NBA playoffs over, AverageSis and I haven't found a socially acceptable excuse to do so, but thanks to tonight's BET Awards, it's on and poppin'.

Join me and AverageFam for our new annual tradition as we pop sh*t and live blog this year's BET Awards right here, tonight, beginning at 7pm or whenever I manage to locate my laptop. For a sampling of the fun, peep last year's epic 3 hour live blog-a-thon. I think you'll like it.

One thing I'm not particularly looking forward to is the inevitable Michael Jackson tribute. You know it's coming, and if it's anything like the typical "throw 5-6 unrelated artists who know nothing about the guy they're paying hommage to, and who didn't even bother showing up for rehearsal onstage and pray for the best" tribute, well, I'll pass. But you know BET wouldn't skip on the opportunity, so prepare for such Negro Nonsense as this.

See ya'll here, around 7pm.

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