Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AB.com Guest Post : Should Married People Be Clubbin'?!?

[Editor's Note: Today's guest post comes courtesy of a friend of a friend. Tara Pringle Jefferson is a freelance writer living in Ohio with her husband and two children. Visit her blog to read more of her observations about life, motherhood, and love.]

Someone please tell me what is the purpose of going to the club?


Maybe it’s just the few clubs I’ve been to, but I honestly did not see the appeal.

Aggressive men everywhere, sliding up behind you, grinding on you without the hint of an introduction or an “Excuse me, Miss…”

Women with low self-esteem wearing clingy, too-short, barely there outfits.

Music so loud and nasty.

Drunk fools spilling drinks everywhere.

No thank you!

Again, it might just be the clubs they have here in Cleveland. But in general, what is the purpose of going to the club? Is it hang out with your friends or meet a man/woman?

Which brings me to my point: Is it OK for married people to be at the club? When you have a devoted partner at home, why go to the club? Not knocking anyone who goes, but let’s open it up for discussion.

Questions: What if the wife/husband goes with other married friends? Or single friends? Does that matter? What if he or she is home early? Is it OK to come strolling home at 2 or 3 a.m.? Does it matter if he or she plans on getting drunk or is the designated driver? What if he or she slips off their wedding ring before they go? Does it matter if a married couple goes to the club together?

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