Monday, June 29, 2009 Guest Post - See, This Is Why We Don’t Have Nothin’.

[Editor's Note: While I admire Hurricane Chris' uncanny ability to freestyle for half an hour about absolutely nothing, my homegirl Thembi clearly doesn't.]

Louisiana State Representative Barbara Norton (in the blue) is Hurricane Chris’s godmother, so I’m sure it was her pleasure to present him with a House Resolution commending him for “outstanding musical accomplishments.” By this she means beating America over the head with one of the sharper nails to ever pierce hip-hop’s coffin, the song “Halle Berry.”

[Editor's Note: Here's the full version of the video, just for context. While I think Hurricane Chris' performance is actually pretty fun/cool, Norton (who looks like Cheryl Underwood) on the other hand is totally embarrassing. And the awkward "what do we say now?" banter of the white guys afterward is even worser. Pour yourself some coffee and watch the whole 10 minutes. The laugh is worth it.]

Never mind that it’s a piece of trash that barely qualifies as music and it has lyrics such as “got a job, go ta school, p—y sweet as pound cake/and she boogie juss right, like ta crank that Stanky Leg.” It’s nonsense like this that makes me wish playing the spoons would come back into style.

Question: Is this the most absurd thing you've seen this year, or is it just me?

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