Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mike Vick's Real Crime.

Well, after 20-some months in Levenworth, noted pet enthusiast Mike Vick is finally a free man today, heading back to this Virginia home to serve the balance of his sentence on house arrest. He'll still have 3 years of probation before he's free & clear, but if the NFL approves his reinstatement (which it should) he may well be back in the league this Fall as someone's backup QB.

Lots of the public outcry when Vick was initially sentenced centered around whether or not the time fit the crime, if Vick was being persecuted because he's a black, and whether dogfighting was any worse than horse racing.[1] Lost in this shuffle was the biggest takeaway that I personally got: Choose your friends wisely.

[Editor's Note: Yep, it surprises me to no end that TI will probably be home by Labor Day, and committed a far worse crime than his fellow ATLien. I have no theory for why he's been allowed to profit (Yeah, this has actually been a come-up for him! How many "going away" shows has he done?) from his foolishness, yet Vick's been vilified. Anyone care to theorize?]

Think about it, how many times when you were young and dumb, did you let a "friend of a friend" that you didn't really know get in your car? Let a friend cheat on a test by allowing him to look at your answers? Clock a friend out at work, long after they had ditched? We all do stupid stuff for folks whom we call our "friends", although these friends might often only have their best interests at heart. Anyone who says (s)he can't relate is simply deluding themselves.

Vick's biggest mistake all along was trying to look out for friends who were only looking out for themselves. I refuse to believe that he had the free time to start an interstate dogfighting ring while he was busy preparing to play the Bucs on Sunday? He quite simply gave some people too much trust and too much money. These folks, instead of say, getting themselves educated so they can fish for themselves, took this kindness and wasted it in the most gutter, penitentiary-chances taking Negro Nonsense possible.

Vick didn't blow the whistle, because he was probably too much of a people pleaser. And inevitably, when one of these "friends" landed himself in trouble, he sang like Mariah. That violates every gentleman's code of weedcarrying, and these guys should be ashamed. So should Vick, because he should have known better.

Keep your head up, Mike. The Redskins will be calling soon enough.

Question: Was Vick's sentence too long? Why? Should the NFL reinstate him? What team will he end up with? Why did TI get off far easier by comparison? Does this puzzling juxtaposition of outcomes completely rewrite the rules for Negroes With Charges?

Vick's reality: Life as an ex-con [ESPN]

[1] Note, I am not in any way diminishing the utter stoopidity of making dogs fight dogs for money.

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