Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love This Game.

So far, so interesting. For a postseason that's now missing a few big names (T-Mac, Yao Ming, Kevin Garnett, D-Wade's gone), David Stern has to be laughing all the way to the bank. My random observations, for no particular reason other than to start some sports chatter...

Bron' Bron' - Could Lebron James be the single most devastating professional athlete evar? Note, I'm not talking about "accomplished", merely singularly extraordinary. If you look at his size, speed, strength, court vision, and now, shooting ability, it's hard to see how any other athlete is modern history is more physically gifted. Yeah, this includes MJ too, cause he wasn't 6-8, 260. This guy is making his first couple of series look like AAU games. Unlike in prior seasons, you can easily see that he makes the other guys (Varejao, West, Mo Williams) around him much better. That's the mark of a consummate team player. Much as it pains me to write this, given how many Aprils he's personally ruined for me, this guy is hands down the best player in the NBA now, because...

Kobe??? - I know teams routinely get pumped when they find their backs against the wall, but there's no excuse for how the Lakers got beatdown Sunday in Houston. It's probably not fair to compare the Lakers and Cavs performances thus far, but since most people consider them to be on a crash course for the Finals, how can you not? The Cavs have played lesser competition thus far, but they've dismantled foes as they should. You can't say the same for the Lakers, because...

How Bout' Them Nuggets? - Everyone wants to see Kobe/Bron in the Finals, but the Nuggets are prolly the single most impressive team in the playoffs thus far. How Denver got the amazing Chauncey Billups in return for the player-formally-known as Allen Iverson is beyond my comprehension. With the right mix of scoring options, post defense, and a splash of thuggery thrown in for good measure, it's scary to think how far this team can go, especially if Melo' stays in his lane. The Lakers have the experience advantage on paper, but it's hard to imagine this team imploding.

Grounded Hawks - There's nothing really noteworthy about the poor Atlanta Hawks, but watching them get dismantled is like Deja Vu. Poor Joe Johnson. And Poor Ciara.

Big Baby To The Rescue! - Perhaps Kevin Garnett had a point when he publicly berated Glen Davis to the verge of tears a few months back. Davis is filling in admirably, and even hit a game winner the other night. The Celts will prolly lose this series, but give them credit.

It's Magic? - Something about the Orlando Magic just seem right. The team seems like they're lacking grit, toughness, something. I can't see them lasting 5 games with the Cavs.

Judgment Day - The NBA Draft Lottery is next Tuesday. Whether I reclaim my local NBA team will hang in the balance as those ping pong balls are chosen.

The Commercials - Eff a Super Bowl. Man, are these the best ads evar, or is it just me?

Question: Any NBA-related chatter you wanna get off your chest?

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