Thursday, May 14, 2009


A few random notes from the management.

Minor Facelift - You may notice that is now rockin' a slightly different look. We've now made the transition to 3 columns. This means more space for ads! click some doggonit! I need the money! content. I realize this wider layout may not jibe with some folks' browsers. I'm open to making nips and tucks if needed. Holler at me with suggestions. You'll also notice the cool new Story recommendations widget that follows every post. Nice, huh?

Comments - I went back to the old pop-out form for posting comments. When viewing them, you'll see some nice new modifications for the sake of clarity.

No More Soundtracks - It was nice while it lasted, but SeeqPod, the service I used for the cool embedded music player, recently went bankrupt due to (what else) excessive litigation from the RIAA. This unfortunately also likely means the end of the Channel Your Inner White Guy series. Poor out a lil' liquor.

Vacation - Yes, I am taking a fullblown, out-of-country vacation in a couple of weeks. For those of you used to your daily fix, don't worry, things will be on autopilot while I'm gone. I just won't be here to moderate comments (as if), or provide any of my own.

AverageNation Week - Speaking of vacations, I am still taking submissions for the next exciting edition of AverageNation Week. If you wanna be down, hit me on email and send me your personal piece. As long as it fits the typical flow of the blog, I'll run it.

Less AB, Mo' Guests - You've likely noticed an uptick in the number of guest posts of late. This is intentional. My Day Job has me on the road a lot recently, which means less time for this blog. I hope you are digging the assembled team of AverageContributors™. Get used to em'.

Settle Down - I've noticed a sharp, combative tone to many of the comments of late. This could be primarily because I've been on the politricks grizzly a lot recently, which tends to draw in lots of lurkers and generally gets folks all riled up. This is fine, but calling folks out of name, resulting to personal attacks, and putting people down for their general beliefs is not. I don't play that sh*t here! I haven't been able to moderate/delete certain comments because I haven't had the time, but trust me, I will if this keeps up. I am still on the fence about restricting Anonymous comments. We'll see.

Politricks-Free Week - Next week, no politricks. I don't care if Obama actually does issue Reparations checks (not to be confused with free KFC Grilled Chicken) or if the GOP fires Magic Mike. You won't see a post here the w/o May 18th! I need a break from this nonsense, and so does the blog. Expect lots of sports and Negro Nonsense next week. Get your politricks fix elsewhere for the time being.

Spellchecking/Grammar Police - Fall back! This ain't a paid publication. This is one Negro with lots of opinions and limited free time. If you got an issue with the occasional typo, feel free to sign up and be my full time editor. The job pays Free 99 an hour.

We now return to our regular scheduled program...

Question: What do you think of the recent "facelift"? Do you even notice anything different? Any comment on the other bits of housekeeping?

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