Monday, May 11, 2009

Help Build The Dream.

I know I joke around a lot here, but sometimes you have to take a pause for the cause. This would be such a time.

Last week when I visited Memphis, I got to briefly visit the Civil Rights Museum and the Lorraine Motel, which is the site of MLK's assassination. It was one of the eeriest, most moving experiences of my lifetime. Creepy, yet very inspiring at the same time. Seldom am I completely speechless, but standing below the balcony and imagining that fateful day in 68', I literally had nothing to say. For the next hour.

I really respected how the museum curators had gone to extraordinary lengths to preserve the motel just as it was on that day, right down to the marquee and the cars in the parking lot. It is a truly serene experience that I would encourage everyone to undertake if you make it to the Bluff City.

On a related note, we folks in DC are finally getting an MLK Memorial of our own.

The MLK Memorial will be located in a prominent spot on the National Mall when it opens sometime in 2011-12. If you haven't given to this very worthy, very tax-deductible cause, do so.

Donations of all amounts are accepted. For a mere $5, you can cop the cool blue "Build The Dream" wristband above. Get yours!

Build the Dream. Give now.

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