Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go. Sit. Down.

The photos are out. She first said they didn't exist, then said they were taken when she was under aged, now says they were a left-wing conspiracy by an overzealous photographer. She also says the photos (the revealing ones released today) were for "application" purposes, not "publication". Whut? Uh, hey dumbass, if you were under aged, this means you were participating in the creation of child pornography.

Trick. Please.

Go. Sit. Down.

Update: I just happened to tune into Fox & Friends on my way out this morning, and Prejean announced that she's angling for an on-air job at Fox News. Farfetched as this may sound, F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson is a former Miss America. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Question: How can this chick get up there and just lie with a straight face? How long before she does Playboy, gets a talk show, a WifeTime movie, and a book deal? Do you even know Ms. North Carolina's name?

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