Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dumbest GOP Political Ad Evar?!?

Peep this latest campaign tactic from The Party Of No (Clue)....

Ahh, the multitude of wrongness...

The dog was a gift for the President's children, given by a fellow colleague. No tax money was involved.

The Wizards tickets aren't $500 each. They're $885. Epic fail! If you're gonna throw up an arbitrary number just to shame a person for a night out, at least use a higher number and/or round up. Why they picked a basketball game, rather than say, a night at the Opera or an expensive date-night dinner in Georgetown is beyond me. I doubt taxpayer money (other than the President's salary) paid for the game tickets. They were likely a gift as well, but who's counting?

The "cool photo for his website" was unauthorized, and the genius behind it got canned. Apparently the "cool photos" taken during prior administrations were fine.

Giving $787,000,000,000 to your "political cronies" is an insult to every "political cronie" that's being saved by unemployment benefits, stimulus jobs, COBRA benefit extensions, and yes, billions in tax cuts.

This whole MasterCard parody thing was played out 2 administrations ago. I guess the Budweiser "Whaaaaasssup?" parody is next. Way to stick with the times, guys. Then again, nobody ever accused the GOP of being creative.
Here's a new slogan, based on the same played out premise.

Control of House, Senate, and Negro At 1600 Penn Ave... Priceless.

Question: Is this a dumb commercial or what? Does the RNC lack ideas, or are they too busy undermining Michael Steele to come up with anything original?

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