Monday, May 11, 2009

Dumb Girls Or Hapless Victims?!?

There's prolly a good reason why God's only seen fit to bless me and AverageSis with two sons thus far. I don't understand enough about grown-assed women, I'd be totally and completely lost with a daughter. How to teach her to find the balance between being smart, and pretty (which she'd no doubt be), and popular, and still treasure her infinite value within would undoubtedly be a continual puzzle, as it is for my many friends who do have girls. I do, however, know one thing I'd tell her, until we were both blue in the face...

Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be photographed buck nekkid by any man who ain't already put a raing on it!!! Men do stoopid sh*t with such photos!!! Take it from AB and think twice, sista! Don't do it!

Someone shoulda told Rihanna & Cassie. You could call their recent transgressions publicity stunts, the work of hackers, vengeful ex-lovers, or a sign of these innanets connected times.

Whatever you call it, one thing's for certain: neither starlet will be looked at the same way evar again, for better or for worse.

Question: How does a young woman's career rebound (if at all) from such an embarrassing setback? Are these young ladies victims, or opportunists?

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