Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Urgent Breaking News!!! : The Barack Obama Administration Approves Reparations For All Descendants Of Slaves!!!

Okay, so it isn't exactly 40 acres and mule, but KFC (with a co-sign from Oprah, oddly) is offering a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken 2 Piece Meal. All you have to do is go to their website and download a "coupon". Apparently you can only download the coupon today, but can redeem it anytime over the next couple of weeks, with the exception, not surprisingly, of Mother's Day. Clearly they know what time it is.

I had a look at the site, and will admit I didn't bother with the "coupon" since it required the install of a small bit of software for printing security purposes. If this all seems a bit too challenging for a thigh and chicken leg, perhaps KFC is increasing the level of difficulty to avoid such random Negro Nonsense as what happened at Popeyes, when they weren't even giving anything away free, merely slashing the price of their 8 piece meal a couple of dollars.

"They shoulda had a tractor trailer out back, with extra chickens on ice, ya' know!"

"Peoples [sic] have kids that they tryin' to feed... you mean to tell me that we can't feed our kids?"[1]

"They shoulda had a stockpile of chicken for this day!"[2]

"I was trying to feed my family tonight!"

"It's THE ROC!!!"[3]

So, print the coupon and tread lightly. Reparations (or as close as we'll ever get to em') and coleslaw await you.

Question: Were to able to print the coupon?

Get Your Reparations Coupon @ The KFC "Unthink" Website

[1] She is pushin' a gas guzzlin' SUV, wearing stunna shades and an expensive white bubblegoose. Yet she complains about not getting a $3 discount on chicken? Do better, Black folks. Please. What Would Obama Do?

[2] Why does the window sign at the :40 mark look like a ransom note?

[3] Sorry TD1016, that sh*t is still hilarious!

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