Friday, May 1, 2009 NewsBriefs.

[Cause I just had to say somethin'...]

Obama's SCOTUS Pick - With Justice Souter stepping down, Obama gets free reign to put a permanent stamp on the Supreme Court. Perhaps more than anything else he's done thus far, appointing a Justice is the one with the more potential for legacy points. And since early word is he's likely going to choose a woman, I'm just gonna throw this out there: PICK A DAMN SISTA, BARACK!!! Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears is on the short list, and isn't even 55 years old. Don't be no politically correct b*tch about this one, Barry. The woman is qualified. She is ideologically compatible. And yes, she is black, and has a uterus. As much as Michelle Obama's ascent has been called historic, imagine the impact of having a sista with a blowout on the SCOTUS. Appoint her. That is all.

Nas & Kelis Call It Quits - I'm no fan of either artist, but it's always sad to see folks divorce, especially when there's a child on the way. Best wishes to them, for the sake of the kid if nothing else.

Miss California Should Really Shut Up - Okay, here's what I don't get. I didn't see the Miss America pageant (shocker!), but as I understand it, Ms. California hadn't won a single competition before she was stumped by Perez Hilton's admittedly cowardly and loaded question. She finished 1st runner up, and seems to think it's all because she flubbed aimlessly bravely gave a politically incorrect answer and spoke from the heart about her opposition to gay marriage. Now, she is the star of the GOP circuit, and is riding her 17 minutes of fame to what will likely be a book deal, a talk show, or something greater. Meanwhile, does anyone remember who actually won the freakin' pageant? A chick from my home state (NC Stand Up!) of course, who is getting very little pub as a result. Miss Cali, go sit your inarticulate, saline-enhanced, bubblehead down. You ain't win! Ms. NC did. Deal with it! And speaking of boobs, turns out the CA State Pageant paid to Throw Some D's on Ms. Cali just a couple of weeks before the Miss USA pageant, in hopes of "enhancing" her chances of winning. Score one for feminism!

Swine Flu Hysteria - Folks, lets not forget: 35,000 people die or plain ole' regular a$$ flu every year. Take some TheraFlu and chill the **** out!

Best First Round Series Evar? - Celts vs Bulls is so entertaining, I can momentarily suspend my utter dislike of both franchises to watch. I say Game 7 is a blowout though. The more experienced team usually takes these things, especially at home. But Da' Bulls have nothing to be ashamed of. They still need an interior scorer to move to the next level, but they're a dangerous team.

Pontiac Bites The Dust - After decades of providing us with such sucky excuses for automotive engineering as The Sunbird, The Fierro, and The Vibe, GM is shelving the dastardly brand to cut costs. I still remember how big a lemon my Dad's burgundy 81' Bonneville Diesel was. That piece of crap left us stranded in more Food Lion parking lots than I can count. And that's why I drive Hondas and wouldn't touch anything domestic to this day. I don't even like domestic rental cars. Cyber CapriSuns™ to the first person who can tell me what P.O.N.T.I.A.C. really stands for.

Craigslist Murder Suspect Fiance Must Be D*ckmatized - Seriously, homegirl. I know the whole "stand by your man" thing sounds good on paper, but this bama is sorta, kinda out there. Cut bait, and hit eHarmony while you still have some dignity.

Question: Would you be disappointed if Obama didn't at least consider a black woman as Souter's replacement, or does it not matter? Saddened by the Nas/Kelis divorce? Should Ms. Cali go sit down? What does P.O.N.T.I.A.C. stand for? Who you got in Game 7?

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