Monday, April 13, 2009

What Would You Do?!? - The Workout Rut.

A personal trainer once told me that there are three types of people.
1) Those who don't work out.
2) Those who love working out.
3) Those who hate working out, but do it anyway.
I squarely fall in the 3rd category, which was no more evident than today.

I've been on the road the last couple of weeks, and knew I needed to get back on the wagon. But as I sat there at the Lat Pulldown machine, just 15 minutes into today's workout, I just didn't feel like being there. Watching the Senior Aerobics Class dancing to "We Takin' Over!" was sorta funny[1], but not entertaining enough to keep my interest. I got up, showered, and went back to work.

I consider myself to be in pretty decent shape for a 35 year old. I don't have a protruding gut. I'm relatively good about keeping an eye on what I eat. After last year's blood pressure scare, everything's under control. I'm good.

That said, I don't really enjoy working out, and I'm pretty sure this aversion is going to catch up with me sooner or later.

Don't get it wrong, I do work out. I hit the gym across the street from my office at lunchtime 3-4 days a week, and do 30 mins of cardio, mixed in with a couple of sets of various free weights. It's a routine I've done for so long, and so efficiently that I can go door to door, shower included, in less than an hour. Perhaps the "routine" is what's so boring about it. Either way, I still do not enjoy doing it.

So, my question for ya'll is simple...[2]

Question: How do you personally work your way out of The Workout Rut? When your motivation to get your daily exercise isn't there, what do you do to will yourself into doing so anyway, or how do you mix things up to keep it interesting?

[1] Seriously. Unintentional comedy at its best.

[2] Do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances google the term "Bush Workout" while at work.

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