Monday, April 20, 2009

What Would You Do?!? Ball Or Crawl?!?

Okay, very, very, very simple question here. As usual, you gotta piss or get off the pot choose either of the two answers. "Neither" or "Both" are not options. Choose a freakin' answer or stay on the sidelines!

[Update: The initial question was apparently too simple, so I changed it slightly. The question is far more detailed and nuanced now. Please ponder the full scenario before answering.]

Would you rather...
1) Ball! Get money and live the high life taking penitentiary chances. Live where you want with endless cashflow. Then absolutely go to prison at age 50 for the remainder of your life. No possibility for parole. Life in maximum security until you kick the bucket, period.[1]


2) Crawl. Stay in completely inescapable poverty your entire life. This means you have no hopes of getting further education. You will be trapped in deplorable living conditions. You must work, but with no chance of escaping a dead-end repetitive job. You have to depend on the gubb'ment for all essential healthcare. But you stay outta jail.
Again, simple question, only two possible answers. Lurkers, join the party![2]

Question: Given the choice of only two options, would you Ball or Crawl?!? Why? Before you logical thinkers start poking holes in each scenario, just take this at face value and answer. No need to overanalyze the question.

[1] For the Ebonically Challenged, "Ballin'" means living a very rich and lavish life. "Crawlin'" isn't exactly a real slang term, but it rhymed. For all intents and purposes, consider it to mean the opposite of "Ballin'".

[2] And yeah, I already know about Cassie's weird half-haircut. And no, she doesn't look better with it, she looks stoopid. Stick to the question, already.

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