Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party, My A$$.

The outrage of "non-biased normal everyday Americans" that you'll likely see across the country in today's nationwide staging of Tax Day Tea Parties confounds me to no end.

Apparently these folks are "angry as heck, and they ain't gon' take it no darn mo'". But what exactly are they angry about? Have taxes "gone up" under President Obama? Unless you're amongst the richest 2% of Americans (or small bid'nesses), no. Will the tens of thousands out marching today fall in that tax bracket (who, BTW, don't see their "increase" for another year)? Prolly not.

To wit.
The Making Work Pay Tax Credit (which took effect April 1st) will mean a tax reduction of $400 to $800 for many Americans. Individuals earning less that $75,000 per year will get $400, and married couples earning less than $150,000 will pay $800 less.

Taxpayers buying a new vehicle this year can deduct the state and local sales taxes paid on the purchase.

Unemployment Benefits (up to $2,400) will be tax free in 2009.

If you buy a house in 2009, you can get a credit of up to $8,000 with no payback requirement.

There are enhanced credits for 2009 and 2010 for the earned income tax credit, additional child tax credit, and a new higher education benefit, the American Opportunity Credit.

The credit for health coverage will increase from 65% to 80% of qualified health insurance premiums, and more Americans will be eligible for the credit. The Health Coverage Tax Credit will be offered to newly enrolled participants for payments they made in 2009 while enrolling in the HCTC program, and the HCTC will soon be available to family members for an extended period of time. Beginning in January 2010 members can continues receiving the credit for up to 24 months if there has been an enrollment in Medicare, a divorce, or a death.
So, again, I ask, what exactly is all the fuss about?

If it's about bailouts, how come these idiots didn't get all riled up last Fall when President Bush doled out the first round of payments? Do they think AIG got their first check on January 20th?

If it's all about spending and the deficit, where were they the past 8 years when Bush lead us into a pointless war, and took the country from a record surplus in 2000 to a record $4 Trillion debt?

If it's all about "grassroots activism", how come the big money organizers of this are a collection of well-known GOP stans and lobbyists? How come Fox News is promoting this sh*t like it's GOP Freaknik? Fair & Balanced my a$$.[1]

Call me silly, but this ain't nothin' more than an anti-Obama backlash. These folks have sour grapes, and can think of no more productive way to lash out than to take to the streets in feigned outrage. And that's why despite however many thousands of folks assemble in cities nationwide today, their display of "bipartisan unity" will look like nothing more than a bunch of salty a$$ed haters.

Personally, I have no problem with outrage. There's nothing wrong with being salty either, I do it here all the time. But just be real about what you're angry about, you TeaBaggers! Otherwise, your message, whatever the hell it is, just gets drowned in all the HaterAde.

TeaBaggers = DoucheBags.

With all this "activism", I'm conflicted. These folks are so adamant about "reclaiming their country" and "returning to real American principles", that I wonder if they fail to see the irony in their statements. The original "Boston Tea Party" which they are so intent on uplifting, wasn't attended by a lot of folks that look like me. Given the rapid browning of the country, it seems a wee bit odd, if not a little disconnected from reality, to harken back to such imagery.[2]

Where the hell is my march?!?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. My march was on November 4th.

Good luck, TeaBaggers.

Question: Have you even heard anything about today's "Tea Parties"? Do you think the protesters have a point, or is their outrage misplaced? Do these TeaBaggers realize the unintentional comedy of the term they're calling themselves by?

[1] The fact that FoxNews has more or less hijacked this whole thing and turned it into a spectacle is oddly reminiscent of the Jena 6 story which went from Innanets activism to Michael Baisden. Or maybe it's just me.

[2] For the record, I do not find these marches "racist". I simply invoke the whole "Tea Party" imagery to note how out-of-touch these protesters seem with America circa 2009, to me. That is all, don't make it anything more.

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