Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sorry, Magic (And Cookie).

I love a Hollywood ending as much as the next man. I like seeing the hero get the comely girl and drive their Chevy Corsica off in the sunset. Michigan State could write the perfect Hollywood ending tonight, but unfortunately this ain't Hollywood. It's Detroit.

And in Detroit a mere 4 months ago, these very same teams met in this very same building and UNC absolutely beat the living crap outta the Spartans by 35 points. I know lots of people will say that was an aberration. They'll say Michigan State has come a long way since then. They'll say MSU had injury problems (so did UNC) at the time. And they'll all the right.

But it won't change the end result. UNC will defeat Michigan State tonight by a comfortable margin to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

AB's Prediction: Tarheels 87 - Spartans 63.

Question: What's your prediction. Who'll win tonight's title game?

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