Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poll Position - TeaBaggers & Fried Chicken.

Seldom do the results of Poll Position shock me. I have a pretty good pulse on Black America, and since a large majority of folks who frequent this site are, well, Black, I make lots of assumptions. Sometimes, these assumptions prove to be on point. Witness the following.

While I don't agree with the results of this poll, it was predictable given the discourse over a couple of TeaBagger-related posts last weekend. I still think a relatively small portion of those who protested were racially-motivated. I maintain that this was more garden-variety sour grapes than anything else, but hey, we can agree to disagree.

The next poll (I ran then simultaneously, I'm can just multitask like that) however, threw me for a loop. Seriously.

C'mon ya'll. I personally voted for My Grandma's chicken, but outside that, there's no way in Holy Gibblet Hell that Popeye's has the best chicken. Ya'll can't be serious. That crap is awful, and just one degree removed from Church's, which is the worse crap ever tasted. I figured KFC (which is now, oddly serving grilled chicken. go figure) would be the safe choice, but it came in a distant 4th. The "hypertension"/cop out answer as usual garnered its fair share of votes as well.

Too bad Mrs. Winners, which makes me long for those good ole' HBCU days (free iced tea with student ID) is regional. I'm sure they'd have scored better had more of ya'll known about them. Bojangles' (fries are better than chicken) and the aforementioned abominable Church's (at least they have jalapenos) brought up the rear.

Bonus: KFC's Grilled Chicken Commercial. G. Garvin is my dude, but this makes me cringe. It's not quite "MC Hammer Dancin' For Popcorn Chicken" bad, but something about seeing a black man wigglin' for chicken, yes, even grilled chicken, just feels wrong. And BTW, that "grilled chicken" is clearly coated in a few layers of sodium to overcompensate. Why even bother, it's not like this is markedly more "healthy" than fried chicken. You are simply trading one evil for another? Am I right, or am I right?

Question: Who makes the best fried chicken? Why?

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