Monday, April 6, 2009

A Few Other Folks That Obama Needs To Fire...

President Obama quietly pulled the biggest C.Y.I.N. of his term thus far, Monday, ousting General Motors CEO G. Richard Wagoner Jr. Don't feel too bad for Mr. Wagoner. I'm sure his yachts are all paid for. He'll fall back in his Tahiti cabana for a few years and eventually resurface with another $20M/year gig. That's pretty much how these things end.

That said, since Barry is handing out pink slips, why not add a few more names to the "to Fire" list while we're at it?

Campbell Brown - Ahhh, the look of extreme mediocrity. Is CNN shocked that they're now dead last in the ratings yet again? Brown is the biggest problem why. Fox News has O'Reilly. MSNBC has that windbag Olbermann. Compared to those two, poor Campbell lacks any level of gravitas or entertainment value, and is simply overmatched. It will be interesting to see if Roland Martin pulls a Tom Brady to her Drew Bledsoe and steals the coveted 8pm slot when he replaces her during her upcoming paternity leave. He couldn't possibly be worse. You can't get worse than last.

Ed Tapscott - I won't mention my local NBA team by name until they win the draft lottery, but it's fair to say they made a bad call in firing their head coach and giving this numbnut the gig in the interim. I am 99% sure I could outcoach this dude, he is clueless.

Thembi - Oops.

Donald Trump - I know, "The Don" isn't technically an employee, but just when I was getting addicted to Celebrity Apprentice, this bama goes and fires the lovely Claudia Jordan just 4 episodes in. Considering the fact that she's the only reason I watched that corny assed show in the first place, Trump should be fired to canning her, yet letting folks like T-Boz, the chunky Kardashian sister, and Melissa Rivers stick around. Yes, Trump, "You're Fired!" from my Tivo Season Pass.

Glenn Beck - Speaking of Fox News, how funny is it that Glenn Beck used to be a morning disc jockey, and even now still does standup comedy? I know Fox is all about ratings via shock value, and doesn't give a sh*t about journalist integrity, but at what point does Beck televangelist gone wild routine grow old? Considering the fact that he's pulling in a staggering 2.5M viewers for a 5pm show, likely not soon.

Rick Ross - I know, a rapper isn't technically an employee either, but damn Officer Ricky, how can you show your face after that last stunt 50 Cent pulled? A "Bawse" doesn't get "escorts" pregnant in the first place. What part of the game is that? I know Deeper Than Rap will prolly have some nice beats, but after being outed as a Corrections Officer, do you have any cred left?[1]

Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi - No two people have been more responsible for undermining the President's authority and message of "change" than these two egomaniacs. They apparently didn't get the memo that it's not all about them, and that their reckless spending and failure to even pretend to play along with the GOP is hurting their chances for re-election someday, not to mention the Dem's current House/Senate stronghold. Fall back.

Valerie Jarrett - So, after some hunting around, it turns out that Michelle Obama's weedcarrier is the person responsible for doing much of the vetting of Obama's job nominees to date. My Grandmother could do a better job of digging up dirt, and she don't even know what Google is. I know some of you will tell me to kick rocks, because you wanna defend a successful black woman, but c'mon. Between Daschle, Richardson, and Geithner, the inability to find folks who pass the smell test has eroded Barry's credibility.

Daniel Synder - Speaking of egomaniacs, how pathetic is Washington Redskins owner Daniel Synder. The guy still hasn't met an overrated free agent he isn't willing to overpay, nor a penny he couldn't squeeze out of the pockets of those still stoopid enough to pay top dollar for a .500 football team.

The Programming Directors At TV One and BET J - I find it hard to type this sentence, but BET's programming has actually gotten progressively better over the past couple of years. From Sunday Best, to Somebodies, to the short-lived The Truth With Jeff Johnson, to Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, the station has put together some generally entertaining fare of late, and they're running fewer music videos than ever. Sadly, two stations with more mature programming, TV One and BET J, seem trapped in a cycle of low budget offerings with public access TV-level production quality. Oh, and while I'm on the topic, bring back Caribbean Rhythms, please!

Question: Was "firing" Wagoner a necessary evil, or further proof that we're headed towards socialism? Know anyone else that Barry needs to kick to the curb while he's in the firing mood?

Hard Line on Auto Aid Puts Bailed-Out Firms on Notice [WashPost]

[1] Yes, this was just a lame excuse to type the word "Bawse"!

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