Friday, April 24, 2009

Do The Ricky Bobby?!?

So this is what the young folks is doin'? Suddenly, being 35 don't sound so bad after all.

Seriously, is this even an actual "dance", or just some random Negro wiggling? Unlike its predecessors, The Soulja Boy, and The Stanky Leg, I don't even feel jealous bad that I can't do this. Seriously, this B-Hamp dude is too fat and lazy to do his own dance and he created it!!!

And my mama thought The PeeWee Herman was stoopid...

I am now thoroughly convinced that making an LCD Rap Dance Anthem and becoming a GOP Pundit are the two easiest ways for a Black man to make it on TeeVee.

Question: Which should I do? Work on my ProTools, or start memorizing Conservative Talking Points?

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