Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AverageNation™ Obama Approval Rating - April 2009.

Last week, I told ya'll about a pioneering new idea in polling here at AB.com. Okay, so running polls ain't exactly groundbreaking. But since I don't trust Gallup/Reuters/CNN Opinion Polls, I figured I'd run one of my own to judge how AverageNation™ views the President's performance thus far. The question was simple, "Do you approve of the job Obama is doing, or not?" The results were a bit surprising even to me.

I will admit, given the demographic makeup of those who comment here, and the general voice/content of the blog, I figured Obama would cruise to a 90%+ Approval Rating. Not so much. His 74% approval rating is somewhat above that of the recent Gallup Poll (66%), but far below the results (87%) for Democrats. So, I suppose I learned something today: Don't make assumptions about your readers.

Anyways, we'll do this periodically (ie: every other month) and track the results over time. Stay tuned.

Question: Did you Approve of Obama's job performance or Not? Why?

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