Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are You Actually A Black Republican?!?

The Democrats cleaned the GOP's clock with Black voters last Fall, as nearly 95% of all Negroes cast their votes for The Beige One. While this sounds amazing, it's more or less in line with the percentage (90 or so) that the typical Democratic Presidential candidate pulls. Simply put, the Dems can more or less roll out any ole' mediocre dude (ie: Dukakis) and automatically count on getting a large majority of Black votes. Many say this is unwise since it leads to an "all eggs in one basket" situation. Still, it's little surprise that the GOP didn't even make a token push for the Black vote last year. And it's little surprise that this cost them.

[Editor's Note: Not that Black Americans are alone. A new Washington Post/ABC news poll says only 21 percent of people polled identified themselves as Republicans, down from 25 percent in a late March poll and at the lowest ebb in this poll since the fall of 1983. In that same poll, 35 percent self-identified as Democrats and 38 percent called them Independents. In other words, the Negro vote is the least of the GOP's problems.]

I'm of course an unaffiliated voter, but I can't personally ever see myself voting for a Republican President. Governors? Done it. State Senators? Done it. County Execs? Not yet, but if they could pave streets better, I'd do it. But President? Sorry, just can't bring myself to make that call. Yet.

It's often said that Black folks are perhaps the most Conservative people in America on social issues. From gay marriage, to abortion, to right to free speech. And like most Americans, I doubt Blacks like higher taxes or wasteful spending. Strictly on GP, it would seem like the GOP's message should be good enough to pull at least 50% of the Black vote.

So what's the problem? It ain't the message, it's the messengers.

Simply put, it's a lot more palatable to vote for someone who believes in half the stuff you do and treats you with some modicum of respect than it is to vote for someone who believes in half the stuff you do, yet treats you like the scum of the Earth.

Here's how the GOP's messengers screw up its message.

Political Ads - When it all comes down to it, the GOP would rather lapse into "Us vs Them" style of racial politricks than try and engage voters respectfully. Why the hell would you vote for someone who tries to pull a fast one like this? Witness the infamous Willie Horton Ad.

D-Bag Pundits - The GOP allows talking heads to run roughshod and talk all sorts of greasy about Negroes. Nobody ever puts these fools in check, so it's not unreasonably to assume these folks "speak for the party" to some degree. Do they think Black folks can't find the EIB Radio Network?

D-Bag Milquetoast Black Pundits - Where do they find these Negroes? Why is it that every Black Republican that gets to "speak for the party" is some milquetoast House Negro that can do little more than spit Talking Points and defend "Massa"? I know many Black Republicans who can clearly articulate the party's stances in a less defensive, and far more levelheaded fashion, but they only choose wackos like Ron Christie. And why do Black Republican Pundits always have jacked up haircuts? Are these guys scared to go to the hood' for a shape-up?

D-Bag GOP Politicians - How come everything something racist pops up, the politician of note is almost always Republican? Fellas, get beyond Tamron Hall and watch this.

D-Bag Republican Voters - Who could forget this guy? Yes, we know people like this exist on both sides of the aisle. But the problem is, how come out of the hundreds of other folks at this rally, nobody pulled this fella aside and said "hey, that might not be a good idea"? By simply standing aside (and laughing), they do little to quell the sentiment that the GOP isn't welcoming people of color. Why would anyone in their right mind want to walk into such a rally?

In the interest of fairness, we all know that Hilary Clinton arguably ran a more racially tinged race vs Obama last Fall. And yes, the Democratic Party has its own issues. The difference is, the Dems have enough people of color in house (ie: Jim Clyburn) to call out such nonsense when it happens. The GOP does no such self-policing. In fact, you could argue that it more or less fans the flames by either claiming reverse racism (WTH?), or doing nothing at all.

Again, the sad thing is, black folks (and all people of color. heck, all Americans period) need two viable parties to pick and choose from. This keeps both major parties on their feet. But when one party is so outwardly hostile, and doesn't appear to give a sh*t who gets offended in the process, it makes the decision for whom to vote so much easier. And that's a shame.

This is part of why I decided to fall back and quit ragging on Michael Steele a few weeks back. Yeah, the guy is a Grade-A clown and can't stay away from a camera, but he's probably the GOP's best (and last?) chance to change the tone of the messengers whose message seldom gets across. I want him to succeed, we all should. Whether he will or not is to be determined (my money says he'll be chased away by October), but lets give him a chance.

Seriously, could things get any worse?[1]

Question: If the GOP changed its messengers, do you think you'd be more receptive to their message? Does the GOP even have a genuine interest in doing so, or are they perfectly content/oblivious about their imminent extinction in a continually browning America? Do you think black folks in general are socially conservative?

The Republican Shrinkage Problem [WashPost]

[1] Wanna read something just downright disgusting? Peep this Townhall.com post, and more importantly, its comments. Who would support a party whose followers say such things about a First Lady?

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