Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Announcing: The Obama Approval Rating Poll.

I don't believe in polls, mainly because they never poll the folks I know who more or less come from similar walks of life as me. Blacks have always been underrepresented in Reuters, WashPost, and similar opinion tracking polls. This could be institutional racism, mere happenstance, or simply because Negroes don't answer the phone when mysterious numbers appear on Caller ID. Either way, our voices ain't heard, and I don't trust them polls as far as I can throw em'.

Thus, I'm creating my own. The Obama Approval Rating Poll will run once a month, for about a week, or as often as I get the urge. The question is simple: do you approve of the President's performance, Yes or No. The poll will periodically appear in the top left corner, and I want each of you to vote when it does. Stand up, and make your quasi-vote sorta-kinda count.

I'll compile the results and keep track during the course of the year. Simple enough.

Now get ta' votin'.

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