Friday, April 24, 2009 Guest Post - The Billionaire BBalling CarpetBagger.

[Editor's Note: Citizen Ojo is on the soapbox.]

I knew Charlotte was going to get screwed by Bob “Pimping Ain’t Easy” Johnson. I knew this dude would sneak away in the night like a common thief. This (I can’t even think of a name for this dude) went to David “Little Man” Stern begging for the opportunity to own a basketball team. The decision came down to Larry Bird (NBA Legend) and that dude from the booty shaking channel. In order to bring a team to a city, you have to build an arena. BUT the citizens of Charlotte (at least 50% or so) didn’t want another basketball team.

[Side Note: The last bball team owner snuck out like a thief in the night. (You notice a theme here?]

The politicians ended up ignoring the will of the people and built the arena anyway. But we can’t complain about it anymore because the team is here now. We need for this team to be successful in the worst way. We have our tax money riding on this!!! Now this dude is talking about a possible sale. This dude became an owner a year before I bought my first house. Whatever happened to building a family dynasty? This guy is an expert at selling his birthright. The fact that he won’t move the team means nothing to me. He can’t control who takes over the team.

Then to talk about selling it to the same cat who helped pick Kwame Brown in the NBA draft. You have got to be kidding me? Michael Jordan made Kwame Brown the richest bench warmer in history. The blind guy on American Idol could probably put up more points than Kwame. I knew we couldn’t trust this guy. I would start a petition to revoke his kackalack status but he barely lives here.

Bob Johnson gives affirmative action a bad name. He wasn’t even the best black candidate that was qualified. Former NBA player M.L. Carr also wanted to be the first black owner of a NBA team. He ended up joining Larry Bird in order to have a piece of Charlotte’s new team. M.L. Carr has playing and management experience in the NBA. But between Johnson and Carr, Bird has the most impressive resume. I know that people were in shock (including Bird) when Bird didn’t get the gig. The ownership of Johnson was touted as a historic event. But what has been the cost?

Numerous missteps in the short time the team has been in Charlotte. In order to have a good sports franchise, you have to spend money. Playing inexpensive music videos on BET didn’t prepare him for that concept. Johnson also never had a good understanding of how Charlotte works. While the fact that he doesn’t get “us” is not a color issue, it is a management issue. And when the management is black owned, unfortunately it becomes a color issue. I don’t think opponents of affirmative action will use this as a reason to get rid of affirmative action. I do believe that it won’t help the next black that wants to be an NBA team owner. When it comes to being a minority owner, people will always look back to see what the last one did. I’m all for making the game even for everyone (aka: a level playing field). I just want to make sure the right players are on the court.

Question: Was the NBA's decision to give Bob Johnson an NBA team a prime example of when Affirmative Action Goes Wrong?!?

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