Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Worlds Collide...

This afternoon is the matchup everyone's been waiting for, as UNC and All-American Tyler Hansbrough battle Oklahoma and current National Player Of The Year Blake Griffin. We haven't seen a matchup of heavyweights this anticipated since Rodney Rogers and Jamal Mashburn squared off a decade or so ago.

Of course I'm a Carolina fan, so I fully expect the Heels to prevail. Still, how ironic is it that the tourney's most anticipated matchup in years involves a white guy and a Halfrican-American? Even odder is the fact that I'll be cheering for both to prevail. Hansbrough needs to good game for UNC to win. If Griffin has a bad game, he's more likely to consider staying in college another year to redeem himself, which sorta screws things up for my local NBA team. Agent Zero or no Agent Zero, Griffin needs to be playing in DC next Fall, not Norman.

All you Duke fans can feel free to come here and blast me postgame if the Heels lose. I am sorta asking for it after I rubbed in that drubbing ya'll took the other day. But I don't see the Heels losing.

AB's Post-Mortem

Just a few postgame observations.

Blake Griffin is going to be an absolute back-to-the-basket monster in the pros. His athleticism and tenacity are going to transfer easily. He needs to work on his FT shooting, but what big man doesn't? This guy reminds me of Kenyon Martin, prior to the knee surgeries, and that unfortunate neck tattoo. He's probably a better rebounder at this stage, but Martin had an incredible nasty streak. I don't see that from Griffin... yet.

Tyler Hansbrough continues to disappoint. I am glad he came back this year, but it's more evident than ever that Ty Lawson is the team's best player. His ability to get to the line and make shots will transfer to the NBA, but the way he's disappeared at times this season is going to hurt his stock bigtime. He's a late 1st rounder at best now. I still say he can be a productive pro. Think Craig Smith of the T-Wolves. That's probably his ceiling.

UNC is an offensive machine. They have too many weapons. Even with Hansbrough off his game, they still can blow out a team.

I think Lawson has a TJ Ford type of future in the NBA. That's not bad.

Danny Green = Francisco Garcia? Not bad.

The rest of the Oklahoma Sooners = Dishwashers at OKC Sizzler? Bad.

Jeff Capel is an excellent coach. It is not his fault his guards nutted up today. He is the one Duke guy who may actually pan out as a head coach. He can recruit, he's young, and just like his Dad, he is going to job hop. He will get a massive offer from UVa, and he should accept it. Don't forget, the guy is from Fayetteville, NC. NC State would be wise to dump Sidney Lowe and make a run at him too. This guy has a bright future. Yes, I just typed a whole paragraph of praise for a Dukie. See, I can be unbiased too.

Assuming Capel stays put, this bad memory could encourage Griffin to return to school next year. 30 NBA GM's just fainted. So did I.

UNC will have a challenge with Villanova, especially is Hansbrough doesn't show up. Their inside game will decide the outcome.
Okay, I am quitting my amateur analyst gig. Provide your own NCAA commentary you-know-where.

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